Investment Strategy

Investment Strategy

Celenian employs two main investment strategies to generate high returns on capital for our investors: (i) long-term investing strategy, and (ii) market neutral strategy.

To achieve high returns relative to the equity markets, Celenian invests in high-quality and fundamentally strong companies with long-term, value-oriented goals. Furthermore, to achieve high returns on an absolute basis, Celenian utilizes several proprietary quantitative and non-quantitative market neutral strategies designed to generate steady cash flows in various market conditions.

Celenian's preference for long-term investing is to invest in companies with good business characteristics. More specifically, Celenian focuses on companies that are leaders within their respective industries, that possess strong competitive positions in markets with high barriers to entry, that can grow to a large size with their own capital and that have shareholder-oriented management.

Celenian's market neutral activities help to enhance long-term investing's performance in rising markets and offset any short-term underperformance in long-term investing in declining markets. Profits generated from market neutral strategy can be deployed to further build up long-term investing positions, and long-term investing positions can be utilized as margin to further execute market neutral strategy.

A majority of Celenian's investments are in common stocks, exchange-traded funds and options listed on the U.S. stock exchanges.